Okky Puspa Madasari known as Okky Madasari is an Indonesian author. She won an Indonesian major literary prize, the Khatulistiwa Literary Award, in 2012 for her third novel, Maryam. At the age of 28, she is the youngest ever to win this prestigious award. Her novels were shortlisted three years in a row by the same award's judges.

Her first novel Entrok, an epic about life under totalitarian and militarism during the Indonesia's New Order era, has been translated into English and was published in July 2013 under the title of The Years of the Voiceless. Her two other novels, Maryam and Pasung Jiwa, have also been translated into English under the title of The Outcast and Bound respectively. Pasung Jiwa also has been translated in German under the title Gebunden in 2015.

Okky was born on October 30, 1984 in Magetan, East Java, Indonesia. She graduated from Gadjah Mada University’s International Relations Department in 2005 with bachelor's degree in Political Science. She has chosen to become a journalist and writer ever since her graduation. In 2012, she took sociology for her master's degree from the University of Indonesia, and graduated in July 2014 with a thesis on Genealogy of… more