Okky Madasari

Okky Madasari is an Indonesian novelist. She has been known to exquisitely portray social and political condition of the contemporary Indonesia. She won Khatulistiwa Literary Award (KLA) for her novel Maryam (2012) which revolves around people who are displaced due to their beliefs and then banned into exile. Maryam has been translated into English under the title The Outcast (2014). Her first novel, Entrok (2010) which tells a story about military dominance during Indonesia’s New Order Era, has been translated also into English with the title The Years of The Voiceless (2013). Her other novels are 86 (2011) which raises the problems of massive corruption in Indonesia today and Pasung Jiwa (2013) which touches freedom of the individual within the contemporary Indonesia. Pasung Jiwa has also been translated into English under the title of Bound (July 2014) and published in German under the tittle Gebunden (November 2015). Her fifth novel, Kerumunan Terakhir (The Last Crowd), published in May 2016.

Beside writing fictions, she is also active in promoting literary awareness among young people in Indonesia and the region. She is the co-founder of the ASEAN Literary Festival.


Okky Madasari,  novelis yang dikenal dengan karya-karya yang menyuarakan kritik sosial. Okky meraih Khatulistiwa Literary Award 2012 untuk novelnya Maryam (2012) yang bercerita tentang orang-orang yang terusir karena keyakinannya. Maryam telah diterjemahkan dalam bahasa Inggris dengan judul The Outcast. Novel pertama Okky, Entrok (2010), berkisah tentang dominasi militer dan ketidakadilan pada masa Orde Baru. Entrok telah diterjemahkan dalam bahasa Inggris dengan judul The Years of The Voiceless. Novel ketiganya, 86 (2011), bercerita tentang korupsi di Indonesia pada maasa sekarang ini. Dan novel terbarunya, Pasung Jiwa (2013), bercerita tentang perjuangan manusia mendapatkan kebebasan dalam periode sebelum dan sesudah reformasi. Edisi Inggrisnya terbit dengan judul Bound dan edisi Jerman dalam judul Gebunden. Novel kelimanya, Kerumunan Terakhir, terbit Mei 2016.